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Long time ago, Asian healers were expected to know eight levels of healing and to become skilled in the Five Excellences. These included techniques of self-development and self defense as well as the tools of one’s trade. Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and meditation were practiced to maintain one’s health and increase sensitivity. “Physician, heal thyself” was the healer’s conviction. The ancient masters realised the healing potential of human energy and saw it as a tool in helping others. They knew of the importance of developing and cultivating this energy, or spirit, to its fullest degree within themselves. This would allow them to become effective and highly skilled practitioners. To “heal thyself” would be to help in healing others.


Shiatsu Therapy is one of the 8 alternative approaches indicated by the European Parliament (A4-0075/1997) as being “a nonconventional medicine worthy of interest” which enables you to preserve your capital health.

Since 1955, the technique of  Shiatsu Therapy is recognised like a medicine with whole share by the Japanese ministry of Health.

It takes three years to become a qualified Shiatsu therapist but the basic technique is further enriched by consistent daily practice and I regularly attend continuing professional development courses to keep my skills up to date.

I was born to a Vietnamese family in France in 1965. My father was a martial artist and I began studying martial arts with him, and later studied Qigong, Kung fu and Taoist practices, including Zen Shiatsu and Heisei Shiatsu with European masters.

Every shiatsu therapist is different. My Pure Shiatsu is a modern approach to well-being that uses touch, movement, awareness of breath, relaxation techniques and full body holding to help create a safe container for the receiver to relax more deeply and to stimulate the natural regenerative powers of the body allowing symptoms of disease to possibly lessen and vitality to grow. 

In the spirit of the  Shiatsu pioneers,  I am dedicated to “BEING WITH a person rather than doing something to a person”. All of the techniques and forms applied in a session arise from a place of the practitioner listening and responding to what is happening in the body and breath of the receiver.

A dedicated Pure Shiatsu session is generally from 30 - 90 minutes in length. Both practitioner and receiver wear loose, comfortable clothing and the practice is given on a large futon or soft floor space with cushions and a blanket. The receiver may feel grounding contact, full body stretches and joint mobility, acupressure point activation, myo-fasical unwinding and release, energy body balancing, holding of the cranium to listen to the fluid aspects of the body and other simple massage methods.

I qualified as a Health Qigong Instructor, an Ear Acupuncturist and as a Puro Shiatsu Therapist. Member of the Complementary Therapist Association (CThA) and fully insured with Holistic Insurance.

  • P.S.S (Graduate of Shiatsu) - Professional Shiatsu School   

  • EAR Acupuncture Master Class Graduate - Yuan Clinic & Trad. Medicine College

  • Ba Duan Jin & Ma Wang Dui Instructor of the British Health Qigong Association (BHQA)

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