English Government Legislation for the enhanced restrictions till 2nd December are unclear. The Shiatsu Society will support professional members continuing to work during this period as we feel that Shiatsu comes under “other medical or health services, including services relating to mental health”.[PHE Statutory Instrument para 47]. Some Accredited Registers have stated that a medical referral is necessary for therapy to be given. This is not stated within the Legislation and therefore, although medical referral may give justification for treatment, we consider that Shiatsu practitioners who are working with physical and mental health conditions (i.e. not for relaxation) are justified in providing treatment at this time. As professional practitioners, treatment notes will record the medical conditions and reasons for treatment. Membership of an Accredited Register such as CNHC is an extra layer of professionalism on top of Society membership at this time, but is not necessary for continuing to practice.

Currently practitioners may work within a health clinic or in their own treatment room, including at home, but they may not give treatment in a client’s home (home /mobile visit) unless that is specifically referred by a medical practitioner.


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