New guidelines and protocols
On the day of your appointment
Treatment guidelines:
  • Please come into the Shiatsu Therapy Studio at your appointed time. Wait in your car or in town if you are early

  • You will bring and wear your own face mask (homemade or surgical mask)

  • You will bring your own towel for warmth or privacy if you wish – I will not be able to provide you with any disposable blanket or towels. 

  • Please ensure you wash your hands on entering and leaving the Shiatsu Therapy Studio.

  • Please limit the number of family members, carers and children accompanying you if at all possible


Waiting area

  • If there are more than 2 people in the waiting room, please make sure to be 1 metre apart from each other.

  • As a measure of precaution, please note that the reception will be magazine free.

  • There will be a 15 minute break in between slots to allow me to disinfect the Shiatsu Studio and get ready for the next patient.


During your appointment

  • I will treat patients with a PPE on (disposable apron and face mask) and will wash my hands before and after each patient.

  • Patients will wear their own face mask.

  • Couches and pillows will be covered with a plastic protection that I will wipe with alcohol /disinfectant between each patient.

  • Payments: be ready to use Bank cards (I will not be able to accept payments in cash for the time being).


During your appointment

  • PPE will be disposed of and handled by myself

  • Couch, pillow protections used during the treatments will be disinfected

  • All surfaces (eg chairs, desks, light switches, door handles, etc) will be thoroughly disinfected


The SHIATSU Therapy Home Studio


24, Camrose Close

Morden SM45DQ

United Kingdom

073 8080 6956

Opening Hours:


On request week-end only at The SHIATSU Therapy Studio, SM4 Morden. 

United Kingdom

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