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This was my first experience with Jean-Philippe and definitely will not be my last!
Jean-Philippe is absolutely amazing!
I have already recommended and booked sessions for family and friends.

My friend who is a regular client, recommended highly of Jean-Philippe and I am very grateful and pleased overall with his care, dedication to his clients and providing an exceptional level of treatment.
I suffer from stress and muscle fatigue. I immediately felt relief and relaxed in his care. Jean-Philippe is a wonderful person who radiates calm and friendly energy.
I felt comfortable and at ease during the treatment.
Jean-Philippe is knowledgeable and experienced in this field. He unblocked my Qi, focused on my problematic areas and advised me of issues and went through customised aftercare.
I've noticed a significant improvement in my mental and physical well-being.
Thank you Jean-Philippe,
I look forward to our next session.

Shannaz, London


I highly recommend the Shiatsu experience Jean-Philippe offers. It is an hour for you to connect with your body and let Jean-Philippe practice the Shiatsu techniques he masters. You will have time to relax and discuss before to start and at the end with Jean-Philippe Shiatsu Therapist, the very peaceful music Jean-Philippe plays in the background add to the peacefulness of the experience. I left feeling very energised and vibrant with the feeling the energy shifted at the right place within my body.




In a peaceful cul-de-sac, just a few metres from the hubbub of Morden central, lives a man I call 'Mr Magic Hands' - a modern day superhero. Jean-Philippe Guichard is a master of Shiatsu. His energy is cheerful yet calm and he has created a wonderfully tranquil space for his practice at his South West London home.

Shiatsu is defined as a form of body manipulation using thumbs, fingers, feet and palms (literally meaning 'finger pressure' in Japanese) and includes assisted stretching and joint manipulation and mobilisation. This occurs at key points in the body and is based on Chinese philosophies of energy meridians or Qi and clearing blockages in these systems to alleviate pain and reduce tension and stress.

I first met Jean-Philippe nearly 2 years ago when I was suffering badly with pain caused by Fibromyalgia. A collective of Shiatsu therapists were running monthly sessions at a local community project and I quickly became a regular visitor. One of the key benefits of Shiatsu for people with FM is reducing stress as this is a major factor in flare-ups of the condition.

Following a 1 hour session with 'Mr Magic Hands' I have reduced pain and a sense of calm - the tension in my body has literally been melted away. He couples the Shiatsu with Qi Gong (a Chinese practice that includes tapping the body all over) which leaves me feeling absolutely elated. I leave his oasis of Zen feeling like I'm walking on air.

So much more than a 'massage' - he definitely is worthy of his moniker Mr Magic Hands.

Teresa J.

Sarah B.

Jean-Philippe's Shiatsu was amazing! It has been an extremely relaxing and beneficial experience for my back pain and stress. He knew where I was holding all my tension. I would highly recommend him to anybody. 

Yvonne P.

I have been looking for alternative treatments to keep me as flexible as possible that fits around my work schedule. The NHS is amazing but are only really set to support physio that can 'fix' a problem. With a life long condition I am never going to be 'fixed' for want of a better word but wanted to explore the options out there to make my body work as well as it it can. Jean- Philippe was amazingly supportive and understanding. I have been stretched and moved in ways that I have not before. The effects seem to last longer too, I still feel stretched a few days after the treatment. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Jean- Philippe. Go with an open mind and see what happens. JP was professional and I left with an amazing sense of calm after my session. I do not profess to understand it but it works and thats all I need to know!


Since 3 years I am in London I tried a lot of place to relieve my back and finally I find J.P. He didn't just help me for my back but all the part of my body really painful (no need to tell him where) He take all the time it need (not just 30min like the most of osteo I saw) I advice to everybody to try at least once and see after you won't be disappointed!


It is just over a week ago now that I went for my first abdominal treatment with Jean Philippe Guichard (I believe it was a fusion of Hara Shiatsu & Chi Nei Tsang). I have been postponing this kind of work for a while, as my little experiences of stomach work as part of a full body massage were never very enjoyable before and felt quite too intrusive. Though I've had a clear feeling that I was postponing something I really need - both for physical and emotional reasons. I suppose I've been waiting for the right moment and the right person. When I approached Jean Philippe with the request (and my concerns) he was very open and generous - he offered his time and also shared information on abdominal work (I really appreciated this opportunity to study the technique a bit prior to the session itself). Jean Philippe made me feel very welcome and created a wonderful safe and secure space for the session. The treatment itself was truly wonderful. It was accompanied by some soft magic bells that carried me away (generally I am not a fan of music during treatments but these bells were very nice). As it was our first session there was a lot of 'getting to know', feeling and exploring. It felt like there was some real work going on but in a wonderfully light and easy way. I totally lost my sense of time. It was a combination of gentle pressure with my own breathing that definitely helped to release emotional and physical blockages. Prior to the session I shared a couple of specific issues (re digestion and re explosions of anger) and Jean Philippe kept those in mind whilst working. He also did a little explanation of a connection between liver, anger and lower jaw that totally made sense to me. After the session I literally experienced some detoxification of the internal organs that provides calmness & balance and facilitates the self healing process. I am very very grateful to Jean Philippe for that session and for all his kindness & generosity, and am still experiencing the effect of the work that he did. Thank you!


I had a very good shiatsu session in a nice and relaxing atmosphere. This session helped relieve stress and made my tensions disappear. I came out of this session relaxed and full of energy. Jean-Philippe is a true professional who shares with passion his knowledge during treatment and who is always very attentive. I would recommend everyone to discover the benefits of this practice. I will surely do it again.


Jean-Philippe is very professional, has excellent knowledge of the subject, well worth the money for his time, very trustworthy and punctual. He is very friendly and approachable in his manner and attitude, will work with you to get to the root of any problems or issues. I feel so much more energised, balanced in mind and body and flexible after a session of Shiatsu. I fully recommend Jean-Philippe.

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