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Welcome to Jean-Philippe's Pure Shiatsu

Here is your own private getaway spa in Morden, United Kingdom.  You can enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of London for a while with great treatment.

I provide Shiatsu Therapy treatment to help relieve, prevent muscle aches and pains, chronic conditions and stress. 

A shiatsu treatment will leave your body and mind feeling lighter, calmer, more relaxed.
The goal of shiatsu therapy is to restore the body's ability to heal. Our bodies have incredible powers of self-healing but these abilities are often impaired due to mental and physical stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, poor diet... Over time these stressors take their toll on our health and can cause persistent aches, pains and chronic illness. By finger pressing the acupoints and meridians of Eastern medicine, Shiatsu can restore balance to the body, allowing it to heal itself.

 I believe that the key to health and well-being lies within and we all have the power - and the right - to use it to regain real, long-lasting wellness. My job as a Shiatsu Therapist is merely to help with the process of finding that key and providing each client with the unique tools they need in order to walk their personal path with good sustainable health.

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The Shiatsu therapist seated in his therapy studio


It takes three years to become a qualified Shiatsu therapist but basic technique is further enriched by consistent daily practice and I regularly attend continuing professional development courses to keep skills up to date.

I was born to a Vietnamese family in France in 1965. My father was a martial artist and I began studying martial arts with him, and later studied Qigong, Kung fu and Taoist practices, including Zen Shiatsu and Heisei Shiatsu with European masters.

I qualified as a Health Qigong Instructor, as an Ear Acupuncturist and as a Shiatsu Therapist.


Every shiatsu therapist is different. My approach is to blend shiatsu with natural exercise and lifestyle coaching to bring about a wholesome and positive change from within. Working in this way brings the desired long-term relief people really seek.


The therapist is pressing one of his thumb into the shoulder of the patient
Therapist is holding the patient foot


I accept nearly all major insurance plans.  

Extended Health Coverage:

Some private insurers do offer coverage for Shiatsu.  We suggest checking with your private insurance plan or extended health care coverage first to see if they offer this coverage.


The Professional Shiatsu School was created with the aim of training shiatsu and sotai professional practitioners

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Leading professional association representing sports, spa and complementary therapists in the UK and Ireland.

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Official Governing Body for Health Qigong in the United Kingdom (UK) and Europe

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Insurance for Complementary Therapy Practitioners, Counsellors and Life/Business Coaches

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