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The session is given fully clothed. Please wear loose clothing and have arms and legs fully covered, e.g. a tracksuit and long sleeved t-shirt.

The treatment will be given on a futon by your Asian Physical Therapist Jean Philippe Guichard or on a Shiatsu table depending on the flexibility of the patient.

Generally the whole body is worked with gentle pressure applied with the thumbs along the energy pathways in order to stimulate the correct flow of energy within the body.

The treatment can include stretches, rotations and mere holding.

After a Shiatsu treatment it is very important to rest or at least not to engage in strenuous activities in order for the work of the session to be fully assimilated. Drink plenty of water.

Frequency of sessions: This depends on what you want to achieve and totally up to the individual. I am happy to advise after a couple of treatments.

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